Maui Vacation Rentals By Owners Restaurants
It's not difficult to eat well on Maui. The island is blessed with an incredible culinary scene. From casual to fine dining. These are just some of our favorites. Click below for more information.
Dining Guide 
B=Breakfast   BR=Brunch   L=Lunch  H=Happy Hour   D=Dinner   V=Vegetarian  R=Reserve Ahead
$=Average entree under $15   $$=Under $25   $$$=Under $40   $$$$=$40+
Sunset and/or Ocean View
Our favorites
Cafe B, BR, L $
Steak & Seafood B, D, R $$-$$$$
Italian L, D, R $$-$$$$
Roy Yamaguchi B, H, D, V $$-$$$$
Pacific Rim $$-$$$
Deli, Sushi, Etc. $-$$
Pacific Rim D, R $$-$$$
Pacific Rim L, H, D $$$
Pacific Rim H, D, V $$-$$$
Italian B, L, H, D $$$
Italian/Pizza L, H, D $$
Italian H, D $$-$$$
Hawaiʻi Regional L, H, D $$-$$$
Japanese/Sushi L, H, D, R $$-$$$$
Pacific Rim/Seafood H, D, R  $$$$
American L, H, D $-$$
Mediterranean L, H, D $-$$$
American H, D $$$-$$$$
Pacific Rim D, R $$-$$$
Vegan L, D, V  $-$$
Caribbean/Pacific Rim L, H, D, V $-$$$
American L, H, D $$-$$$
American H, D $$-$$$
American/Pacific Rim L, D $-$$$
Pizza L, D $$
Casual/Family B, L, D $$
Hawaiian/Seafood L, D, R $$-$$$$
Japanese/Sushi L, D $$-$$$
Local Fare , salad, pizza L, D $-SS
Bowls B, L $
Seafood L, D $
Pacific RIm L $
Sandwich/Burgers/Pupus L $$
American/Sushi B, L, H, D $$-$$$
Sushi D, R $-$$
Cafe B, BR, L $
American/Pacific Rim L, D $-$$$
American L, D $$
Seafood, Asian L, D, R $$-SSS
Pizzeria/Bakery B, L, D $$
Mexican B, L, H, D $-$$
Salad L, D $
American B, L $-$$
Sushi D, R  $$-$$$
American/Brewery L, H, D $-$$
Japanese/Sushi L, H, D $$
Hawaiian L, D $$
Seafood L, D $
Pizza/Italian L, D $-$$
Sushi/Japanese/Pacific RIm D $$$
Cafe B, L, V $-$$
Hawaiian/Pac Rim/Southwest H, D $$-$$$
food trucks all island
Poke/Fish Katsu
Hawaiian Shrimp
Acai Bowls
Plate Lunch/Tacos/Sliders/Etc.
Hawaii/Thai Fusion
Plate Lunch/Salad
Frozen Dessert $
west side - Lahaina, Kapalua
International B, L, V $
Mexican B, L, D $-$$
Pacific Rim B, D $$$-$$$$
American B, L $
American L, D $-$$
Hawaiʻi/Seafood B, L, H, D $$
American/Pacific Rim B, L, D $$-$$$
American H, D $$-$$$$
Mexican L, H, D $-$$$
American B, BR, L $-$$
Seafood/Pizza L, D $$-$$$
Hawaiian, L, H, D $$-$$$
Japanese D $$-$$$
Hawaiian & Hula Pie L, D $-$$$
Hawaiian & Hula Pie L, D $-$$$
Seafood, Burgers & more L, D, R $-$$$
Seafood/Steak L, H, D $$-$$$
American/Bakery L, D $-$$
Mediterranean BR, L, D $$-$$$
Pacific Rim H, D, R $$-$$$$
Japanese/Sushi L, H, D $$
Vegetarian, Vegan B, L $-$$
Hawaiʻi Regional L, H, D $$-$$$
Hawaiian D, R $$-$$$$
Hawaii Inspired L, H, D, R $$-$$$$
Italian/Pizza D, R $$-$$$
Sushi/Japanese/Pacific RIm D $$$
Asian L, D $$-$$$
Hawaiian/American B, L, D $$$
American BR, D $$
American L, H, D $$-$$$